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Housing Associations & Affordable Homes

A Member of CIHDeeside Timberframe is committed to working in partnership with Housing Associations UK wide to help meet customer needs and create affordable homes in local communities using sustainable construction methods. This is just one of the reasons why Deeside is one of the leading suppliers of choice in Timber Frame design manufacturing and installation in the country.

We aim to provide affordable housing that supports the government’s vision for sustainable communities now and for the future. On a practical level, planning and fiscal policy will favour Deeside Timberframe’s commitment to 'greener' development in which Deeside Timberframe:

  • Only uses timber sourced from well-managed, sustainable sources.
  • Is one of only a few Timber Frame manufacturers in the UK to provide an accredited Chain of Custody, evidence that the timber used comes from a sustainable managed forest.
  • Ensures sustainable development.
  • Maximises the benefits of Timber Frame design to enhance the whole-life energy efficiency of residential and commercial developments.

Housing AssociationWorking with Housing Associations across the UK we are aware that our clients prioritise an awareness of the environmental issues surrounding affordable housing development, precision-engineered products, and quality-assured building methods as well as :

  • An environmentally friendly building and construction process.
  • Excellent control, efficiency and project savings through improved supply chain integration.
  • Predictability and greater control in the construction process.
  • An ability to not only meet but easily exceed Building Standards.
  • Excellent value for money: reduced build cost thanks to speed, quality, and ease of erection.
  • High energy efficiency levels resulting in low running costs of homes.
  • More choice, quality, and value for money
  • Socially responsible building practice.
  • Sustainable construction.

Housing AssociationDeeside Timberframe has a commendable Code of Practice. Its service providers, specialists, and master craftsmen are committed to providing affordable, sustainable and increasingly environmentally friendly products so that it can make a significant contribution to sustainable construction for sustainable communities.

Sustainable Investment

The UK government is committed to sustainable development, reducing the threat of climate change, decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and greater sustainability in the construction industry. There is no more sustainable building material than timber which is why it has a significant role to play in helping to protect the local and global environment.

The Facts *

  • Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material.
  • A typical 100 square metre two-storey detached timber frame home built to the latest Building Standards saves about 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (about the same amount produced by driving 14,000 miles) compared to an equivalent masonry house. 
  • If all new houses built in the UK since 1945 had been timber frame, then more than 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide would have been saved. At current rates, it will take us another 200 years to achieve this sort of saving using the government’s latest energy regulations for new homes.
  • Higher energy efficiency produces significant carbon savings in the homes day to day use, as well as financial benefits from lower running costs.

*Facts and Figures from UKTFA

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